Since its inception in 1972, the brand Kingsland has established itself as a reputable property developer for industrial, commercial and hospitality developments in South East Asia, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Cambodia.

Over 40 years of business, Kingsland has delivered more than 100 quality development projects ranging from premium holiday resorts, boutique hotels, serviced residences to warehouses and industrial parks.

In 2013, as part of Kingsland’s vision to venture into new development frontiers, Kingsland Data Center was formed with a focus on investing, developing and operating Tier 3-4 standard Data Centers in Asia. Leveraging its existing property development experience, and a dedicated team of in-house data center specialists, the first Kingsland Data Center was constructed in Jurong, Singapore.

Kingsland Data Center is the first multi-tier wholesale data center completed in Singapore in Q3 2015. The 208,000ft2, 5-storey purpose-built data center facility has 30MVA of redundant power supported by two diverse sub-stations.

The completion of this project in a short span of 18 months highlights Kingsland’s dedication and passion to deliver a quality product. This also signals its commitment to develop its first ever data center facility aligned with its foresight in supporting Singapore’s effort to strengthen her position as Asia’s economic and infocomm hub.


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Kingsland Data Center offers clients and partners three unique value propositions:

Flexibility in Customization

Kingsland understands that every individual client has its unique set of critical environment requirements. As such, Kingsland Data Center actively invites its clients to partake in a partnership and collaborative dialogue , to co-design and customize the white space identified based on the client’s own infrastructure and engineering standards, so as to achieve their operational resiliency requirements.

Multi-Tier and Cost-Free Open Cross Connectivity

Kingsland Data Center is the first Multi-Tier Data Center built in Singapore. The data center is engineered to deliver Tier 2, 3 or 3+ M&E infrastructure and connectivity based on clients’ requirements. In this way, clients can choose and decide on various levels of redundancies for different applications, resulting in capex and opex savings. In addition, as the data center operates on an open cross connect model (open for all telecommunication carriers to offer its connectivity and carrier services), clients of the data center can have the freedom to interconnect with any other carriers within the facility with no restrictions or additional charges.

Dedicated Builder and Operator of Data Center Facility and Infrastructure

Unlike its competitors, Kingsland delivers its data center via the implementation of a one-of-a-kind build and operate model. Kingsland takes sole ownership by being the custodian in not only the construction of its data center building, but also the operation and critical facility management of its wholesale facility. As such, clients can be assured there will be no compromise of quality, be it on the building structure, M&E, security infrastructure or the operational services provided at Kingsland Data Center.



The data center is a 5-storey purpose-built facility constructed upon a 7,700m2 site, providing more than 80,000ft2 of dedicated IT white space. The data centre has a redundant power capacity of 30MVA, powered by two separate substations. It’s primary power sources are further backed up by Generators on a N+1 configuration.

The data center is equipped with N+2 Chilled water systems, with the option for additional DX HVAC systems for 2N cooling. In addition, all infrastructure services within the data center has dual redundant routes serving each floor to cater for concurrent maintainability.

In terms of connectivity, the data center is connected by multiple fiber optics. This is opened for all carriers to provide telecommunications services within the Meet-Me-Rooms. Furthermore, the carrier neutrality of the data center also means that clients can interconnect to any carriers within the facility without any restrictions or additional costs.

Kingsland Data Center is one of the first secured-by-design data centre facility in Singapore. The security within the facility is design in accordance to MAS’s Technology Risk Management guidelines, and in adherence to the Threat Vulnerability Risk Assessment (TVRA) requirements. The facility is guarded 24 x 7 by security guards and the facility’s perimeters and premise is augmented with CCTV cameras with tight security and bomb checks at the access areas..

Data Centre White Space

Kingsland Data Center offers clients the convenience of a fully customized Turnkey Data Center space. A standard POD (Data Center Hall) has 5000ft2 of white space on 1m of raise floor, and comes with 500kW of power (expandable to 750kW). It is protected by 2N UPS power source and supported by a primary cooling system on an N+20% configuration.


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